Hurt box – is it just boy talk?

1-HurtBoxHave you heard the popular expression about being in the ‘Hurt Box’ – I know its generalising but often it’s a phrase that males use again and again.

The Urban Dictionary defines it as “to be in a state of emotional or physical distress”.

Why does the focus of exercise need to be on pain and hurting, implying it’s not a good work out if you don’t feel pain?

What about the law of focus? If we focus on pain, won’t we get more? I know it could just be semantics, but what about focusing on what we want more of – like Strength, Determination, Flexibility… what about being in the ‘Celebration Box’, or the ‘Whoah Hoah!! Box’… I mentally picture myself getting stronger, NOT feeling pain…. I’d rather draw my energy towards a positive end result, not a potential by-product.

What works for you?

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