My new ‘best friend’…


I was in a quandary – my running buddy (RB) isn’t around for the next few weeks and it’s easy to say that’s okay, I’m too busy anyway, or the weather’s been rubbish… but those are just excuses because being busy is the perfect reason to run.

Running gets me away from sitting at my computer for hours on end, blows away the cobwebs and allows fresh ideas to roll in, and as for the weather, hey, we learnt in bad weather! (Although sometimes it makes sense to give it a miss, running in cooler or wet weather is actually quite good.)

So what to do on my own?  I downloaded a great little app called Run10k by felttip. It’s not the same as having my RB, but it gives me a plan and goals. (Click here to see more). Tried it out on Friday and ran for longer than I would have without it.

If you’ve missed running for 2-3 weeks and don’t need to start from scratch, you can pick up where ever you feel your current ability level is. So as the aim is to run 10k’s after 13 weeks training, you can start at week 5 or 9 if you’re already doing 5 or 7k comfortably but need to do a refresher, or build up your fitness level again.

Choose from a male or female voice to give you the stop/start instructions. Humm, now what am I going to call my new best friend…?