Hurt box – is it just boy talk?

1-HurtBoxHave you heard the popular expression about being in the ‘Hurt Box’ – I know its generalising but often it’s a phrase that males use again and again.

The Urban Dictionary defines it as “to be in a state of emotional or physical distress”.

Why does the focus of exercise need to be on pain and hurting, implying it’s not a good work out if you don’t feel pain?

What about the law of focus? If we focus on pain, won’t we get more? I know it could just be semantics, but what about focusing on what we want more of – like Strength, Determination, Flexibility… what about being in the ‘Celebration Box’, or the ‘Whoah Hoah!! Box’… I mentally picture myself getting stronger, NOT feeling pain…. I’d rather draw my energy towards a positive end result, not a potential by-product.

What works for you?

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Colour Run

Color runColour Run On Sunday 10th February, the 5km Colour Run (or Color to be more accurate) takes place at Sydney Olympic Park. Participants run, walk, jog or amble, and have ‘paint’ dust hurled at them at various markers.

I must be getting old! All I can hear while watching the video, is my Mum’s voice (or is it now mine?) saying things like “You’re not getting in the car until you’ve washed all that off!’… and “Surely that can’t be good for you if you swallowed it? No wonder the volunteers have dust masks on…”. Oh, and the event has sold out already.

New year… same plan…

One step at a time...Many new year resolutions fail because we don’t work out a detailed plan as to how we’re going to achieve our goals, and when and where we’re going to implement them.

This year I started off by participating a fun run that I booked last year, and although it poured down, and I was not as fit after Christmas – I still did it.

My plan was to enter just so I’d done it and kept up the momentum. Check. I also wanted to run the whole course which was very hilly, as I’d walked part of it last year. Check. And finally, I wanted to try and beat my time from last year, taking into account that the course was now longer. Uncheck. Oh, well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

All you need to do is show up and you’re ahead of those who stayed in bed! Just one step at a time girls… one step at a time…

No excuses for not running…or shopping!

Light weight running jacket

Light weight running jacket

Today might have been a little chilly, but that was no reason NOT to get out for a run. I pulled on my gorgeous Lululemon running jacket (which I just love wearing with jeans too), popped my iphone in my pocket and got on with another session from the 10K running app. Despite the wind and feeling like I had a fine layer of grit on my face when I finished, I felt so much better for getting out and running.

I never regret running, only NOT running. You?