This site is for women who are not as young as they used to be! It’s for those of us who are looking at exercise and weight in a different way to when you were younger. Oh how things can change!

Good news! We can still take up new exercises, start or continue different sports and follow better nutrition patterns. It’s just a case of learning what, when and how. The key is to have a plan, determine how to implement it and structure it into our lives. Let me know how you go…

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hurt box • law of focus • running
Hurt box - is it just boy talk?
Have you heard the popular expression about being in the 'Hurt Box' - I know its generalising but often it's a phrase that males use again and again. The Urban Dictionary defines it as "to be in a ... Read more
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color run
Colour Run
Colour Run On Sunday 10th February, the 5km Colour Run (or Color to be more accurate) takes place at Sydney Olympic Park. Participants run, walk, jog or amble, and have 'paint' dust hurled at them at ... Read more
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learn to run • New Year resolution • planning
New year... same plan...
Many new year resolutions fail because we don't work out a detailed plan as to how we're going to achieve our goals, and when and where we're going to implement them. This year I started off by par... Read more
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lululemon • running clothes • running jacket
No excuses for not running...or shopping!
Today might have been a little chilly, but that was no reason NOT to get out for a run. I pulled on my gorgeous Lululemon running jacket (which I just love wearing with jeans too), popped my iphon... Read more
Freedom to run?
It's amazing what we take for granted. Just the simple choice of being able to go outside and run, isn't available to all females. I read this article about the female runners being selected for the... Read more
easy exercise • Flat stomachs • get fitter
Flat stomach secrets - the easy way!
If she can do it, anyone can! Love this clip. What do you think? Read more
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10k app • motivation • running • running app • running buddy
My new 'best friend'...
I was in a quandary - my running buddy (RB) isn't around for the next few weeks and it's easy to say that's okay, I'm too busy anyway, or the weather's been rubbish... but those are just excuses bec... Read more
Any newbies?
Any newbies? • female runners • fun run • learn to run • running • running goals
Newbies running for a cause
This articled 'Divas on the Run' takes me back to the beginning of our group learning how to run. It rained every Tuesday and Thursday night for WEEKS when we first started...but everyone turned out i... Read more
50-59 years old • Any newbies? • female older runner • fun run • perseverance • running achievement • running goals • sri chinmoy
Perseverance pays!
Sunday 19th February was a warm morning - not too hot, with a slight breeze. Several hundred runners gathered for the 16 k, 8 k and 2 mile run. Despite neither my running buddy or a work colleague... Read more

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